“With wonderful music, the content is charming, witty and irresistible.”




Tom Knight has been delighting children and their grown-ups with his original, interactive, musical puppet show since 1988.  His unique blend of musicianship and puppetry celebrates reading (“the Library Boogie”), the environment (“the Garbage Monster”), and science (“The Solar System”), with hand-made puppets, catchy songs, and a high degree of audience participation.  The strong visual elements appeal to children as young as 2, while fun lyrics engage children up to twelve, and adults alike. 

Following a successful puppetry career based out of Ithaca, New York, Tom relaunched his puppeteering business in Western Massachusetts. Inspired by a new vision, Tom now performs original stories such as “The Pig’s Dream” alongside old favorites like the “The Elephant's Lullaby” and “Alligator Jump.”  Those hits and many others can be found on his five CDs of children’s songs, which you can order here. Listen to songs from the show here.

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