Sing, jump and play along with Tom Knight and Allie the Alligator! Interactive and surprising! Taught by a professional musician and puppeteer with 5 albums and 30 years experience. Every class starts with an interactive song with puppets like "Alligator Jump." The rest of the class will include original sing-a-longs, curated finger plays, chants and songs from the best contemporary educators of young children. This is a chance to sing, laugh and move! Some songs from the class may include the story of Rags the Dog, a song that encourages you to imagine what you might bring on a spaceship, and a personalized version of "You Are My Sunshine." Incorporating some of the gentleness of Mister Rogers, with the silliness of Jim Henson, Tom brings a relatable energy that reaches across the screen to engage children of all ages.

Music Class Clients :
Northampton Parents Center
South Hadley Family Center
Mohawk Trail and Hawlemont Regional School District
The Franziska Racker Center (Supporting People with Disabilities)

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