Publicity for Tom Knight Puppets

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 Tom Knight’s shows celebrate libraries and reading (“the Library Boogie”), the environment (“the Garbage Monster”), and science (“The Solar System”), with hand-made puppets, funny stories, catchy songs, and a high degree of audience participation.  The strong visual elements appeal to children as young as 2, while the fun lyrics engage children up to twelve, and adults alike.Tom Knight’s original, interactive, musical puppet show will leave young people awestruck and belly laughing. He’s been entertaining kids and parents with a sophisticated blend of musicianship and puppetry since 1987, performing at libraries, schools, and festivals from California to Long Island, and from Las Vegas to Virginia.  

Video Preview:

Songs from the show

The Elephant’s Lullaby music video (over 2.7 million views):

Blurb for Libraries:

Tom Knight presents “The Library Boogie” musical puppet show at the Library. The show celebrates libraries and reading, the environment, and science with hand-made puppets, funny stories, catchy songs, and a high degree of audience participation.


“Belly laughing and awestruck, children fall under the spell of [Tom Knight’s] puppets.”
- Molly Stapleton Sax, Museum of the Earth at Paleontological Research Institution 

“With wonderful music, the content is charming, witty and irresistible.”
-   Carol Hockett, Coordinator of School and Family Programs, Johnson Museum of Art, Cornell University

“Affirming, empowering, and kid-friendly. Not only educational, thought-provoking.” - Kirsten Martindale, School Library Journal

“Whimsical and with sensitivity.  Never preachy.”Ithaca Times

 “Knight’s excellent album will be a welcome addition to any library’s music collection.”
- Beverly Bixler, San Antonio Public Library, School Library Journal