Musician. Puppeteer. Videographer.
Just Call Him Colorful. 

A creative at work and entertainer at heart, Tom Knight brings fun, whimsy, and personality to the center stage. A pinch of puppetry, a dash of music, and a sprinkling of videography have been baking for more than 30 years to create an engaging, delightful persona that has charmed audiences around the world. 

Check out his services below and let’s create something splendid! 

We’re living in some crazy times now, and a lot of things seem uncertain. But one thing you can depend on is Tom Knight's music and puppet programs are going to bring some joy, rhythm and movement to kids and families at a time when we all really need it! And it’s educational too! 

Live Stream Musical Puppet Shows with Tom Knight

The best way to see a puppet show is live in person. But the next best thing is a live stream puppet show, and we’re bringing our show directly to you on Zoom, Facebook Live or YouTube. Our fun, engaging songs and colorful cast of characters are a great option for schools, pre-schools, libraries, festivals, and parties when large gatherings are not possible, but you still want to surprise and delight young minds with a fun musical puppet show. 

Tom Knight’s live stream shows combine science, reading, and environmental care into a unique performance that’s educational and appropriate for kids of all ages. Music is a great way to turn topics into memorable moments, and our original songs will have everyone singing along by the time the curtain drops.

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Tom is one talented dude! With his handmade puppets and warm resonant voice, he skillfully captivated my class on a zoom performance. His program was fun, educational and I as an adult was very entertained. I highly recommend him for virtual and live performances!
- Darlene Bowen, pre-k and kindergarten teacher, Northampton, MA

The Tom Knight Show 

Come join Allie the Alligator, Henry the Magician and all the other puppets for a fun new children's show with songs and dancing — The Tom Knight Show, hosted by yours truly. This original series fits perfectly with education-at-home to keep your kids of all ages engaged and learning. 

This smile-inducing, heart-warming cast of characters comes straight from the creative factory of Tom Knight himself. Below you can watch all six episodes of Season One of the Tom Knight Show for free, with more soon to follow!