The Classroom Boogie: CD
  • The Classroom Boogie: CD


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Tom Knight has spent several years making music in the classroom with students, and his experience makes this title a worthy purchase. Using a variety of musical styles, Knight invites listeners to interact, either vocally or through dance and movement, in almost every song on this recording. The lyrics are affirming, empowering, and kid-friendly. His multi-lingual "Peace in Twelve Languages" is not only educational, it's thought-provoking. The calypso heat of "Everybody Makes Mistakes" blends with its lighthearted words, reminding children that "sometimes it happens, you mess up what you do, and then accidentally, you create something new." Knight provides the vocals, occasionally accompanied by a chorus of children or female harmony. Of the 15 songs, most are curriculum related, including songs about an earthquake, water, and creating blues music. A solid purchase for classroom use as well as general listening. - School Library Journal Total Running Time: 53:30 Track List: Wiggle Worm • Everyone's An Artist • Welcome to Our Classroom • In Our Band • Have You Seen My Egg? • Climb That Beanstalk • I Love the Dark • Introduction to the Blues • Shake Shake Shake (The Earthquake Song) • Adventures of a Water Drop • The Birthday Waltz • Rockabilly Goats Gruff • Peace in Twelve Languages • Everybody Makes Mistakes • Spin Spider Spin

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