Easy As Pie: CD
  • Easy As Pie: CD


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Easy as Pie is a lively introduction to a wide variety of musical styles for younger listeners and their families. Tom Knight gets help from his many “friends” including the Lowdown Alligator Jass Band and a wonderful kids chorus. He explores such abstract ideas as purple pumpkins in “Purple Pumpkin Pie,” and the old swimmin’ hole in “Jenning’s Pond”; and the trials of owning a dog in “Walkin’ the Dog.” His voice is clear and distinct and the lyrics are enjoyable. It is obvious that all involved enjoyed themselves while creating and producing this cassette. Great fun for young listeners individually. Easy as Pie would be a good purchase for public library children’s rooms. – Library Journal Running Time 48:32 Track List: • Purple Pumpkin Pie • Pancakes • In the Moo • Young Buckaroo • Habitat • Tiger Island • Sing From Your Heart • Alligator Jump • Jenning's Pond • Rise and Shine • The Song About Trains • Walkin' the Dog • Monkey Monkey Monkey • Three Little Monkeys • Mary-Go-Round • Fog • The Sandman

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