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Video Production

Video Production

Tom is very personable and easy to work with. He really listened to my suggestions and incorporated them into the edits, but he still turned the job around in great time! - Jay Mankita, Jay Mankita Productions

Here are some examples of various kinds of videos that I've shot recently, including music videos, web commercials, real estate, and instructional videos. To watch videos of Tom Knight's songs, click here. More music videos can be watched here.

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Music Video highlights


Wedding Video

Wedding Highlights, including the bride's entrance, ring exchange, and the reception.

Video Production Demo Reel 2015


Music video for Felicia Sloin

How to Make a Promo Video for Your Website


Promotional Video

Promotional video for a puppeteer. Interview footage is inter-cut with shots from the live show.


Book Promo Video

Interview on a white background intercut with stock footage and stills provided by the client to make an effective promotional tool for this bestselling author.


Short Film

A short comedy directed by Tom Knight.(Note: There are some minor instances of explicit language.) Ed (Jonathan Caws-Elwitt) and Sue (Megan McGrath) met on the OK Cupid internet dating site, and have emailed and talked on the phone for a few weeks. Sue wants to meet in person, but Ed isn't so sure.