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Why I needed to Make this Music Video to Protest the Trump Administration

I have written over 1000 songs in my life.  Very few of these have been political in nature.  But after the 2016 election, I felt I had no choice but to use my skills as an artist to stand up and speak out.

 Inspired by protest songs from the Civil Rights and Depression Eras, by local interfaith leaders who have called on community members to affirm the sanctity of life and love in face of threats to civil rights, and by concerns and visions I heard my fellow artists and friends express, I wrote “Stand and Fight”  in the hope that this song might energize and inspire others.

I was joined in this project by a wonderful group of fellow artists, members of River Rhapsody, dancer and therapist Rythea Lee, and fellow puppeteer and drummer Anna Sobel . It was great coming together as artists to promote love and change.

 As an artist and white man, I feel a particular responsibility to stand up and speak out at this time, when many people in this country are experiencing a sense of threat.  I want to share the song and its vision—along with lyrics and chords—with the widest possible audience. That is why I am asking you to help to disseminate this song, if that is something that feels right to you.


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