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Rosy Shade of Pink - Tom Knight

On January 16, a week before the presidential inauguration I released “Stand and Fight.”  “Stand and fight” aimed to express and inspire resistance to the incoming president and the destructive policies many of us anticipated at that time.  I was gratified that it was widely shared (over 7,500 views on Facebook and Youtube).

Since then, I have been moved to continue on this path of political song writing, and to develop themes that I started to explore in “Stand and Fight” in a series of songs.  The first of these is “Rosy Shade of Pink.”  Prompted by the “travel ban” and the rise in hate crimes against Muslims, “Rosy Shade of Pink” quickly grew into a more wide-ranging exploration of xenophobia and institutionalized racism and what we can do about them in our personal lives.  

I wanted to use this song to point out the parallels between what is happening in America today and the scapegoating and persecution of minorities throughout history.  But I also wanted to express my growing consciousness that as a middle-class white man, I have had the privilege of moving through the world without having the worry about being demonized and threatened.  I sing about one of the things we can do at a personal level – inviting folks into our home “for dinner and a couple of drinks” to create real relationships with people who are different from us.

I’ll be releasing more songs from the “Stand and Fight Project” in the coming weeks and months.  Please sign up here to be notified each time a new song becomes available.  I am also interested in hearing from others who are doing work at the intersection of art and political activism today.  Please contact me to tell me more about your projects!

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