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Since I'm a musician and a music producer, I really like making music videos for other artists. With two cameras, I'm uniquely qualified to video live concert.

You can watch some other music videos are on the main Video Production page too.

Greenscreen backgrounds and a solid story give this video a lot of depth.

Robert Chesnut wanted to pay homage to the Go-Gos in this original cover.

Singer-Songwriter Bob Pepek wanted a way to promote his upcoming album by shooting a multi-angle music video.



The Edukated Fleas play "Exactly Like You" The 2 camera shoot makes for a lot of variety.


Jesse Sterling Harrison plays an intimate song on with his acoustic guitar. Recorded in a living room. 2 takes were combined to create the illusion of a two camera shoot.


Carrie Ferguson shows off her band in this video of highlights from a recent show.


A "highlight video" of Jay Mankita playing some songs about food and nutrition to a live audience. A two camera shoot made for more variety in the final video.