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Make a Promo Video for Your Website

How to Make a Promo Video
for Your Website


By Tom Knight (Northampton, MA)
(transcript of the video)

So why should you make a promo video for your website? Well one of the best answers is because it increases your search engine optimization (SEO). Which means that you’re going to get more business to your website, more hits, and more income.

Another reason is that, if you’re a small business, you’re selling a product or a service, of course, but really you’re selling yourself. And a video is a great way to introduce yourself to potential clients.

“It seems like the world is becoming more visual. I think you can get a better sense of a person’s character and their style by watching how they speak on camera.” Julie Meyer, client and landscape designer

The next question is, how much will it cost? Everybody wants to know that. You can make a video for your website with me, Tom Knight Productions, for between $400 - $1000.  Most people would say that’s a pretty good investment. A video is going to be working for you on your website 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. And if it’s a good video,
then you can keep that video on your site for years to come. And who knows how much business that video can generate for you.

So how do you make a video? I recommend hiring somebody professional like myself. Of course, you can get your Uncle Charlie to make a video on his iPhone, but you know what? It’s probably going to look like your Uncle Charlie made a video on his iPhone. And besides, a professional is going to have all the equipment - the lights, the camera, the editing software - and that’s what’s going to make the difference between an amateur video and a professional video that will bring business to your website.

Now that you’ve decided to make a video - what are the elements that make up a good video? Well the heart and soul of a promotional video is going to be the interview.

The Interview

You’ve been telling clients about your business for a while, so you probably know how to talk about your business pretty well at this point. Just have a list of some points that you want to make. Talk off the top of your head, and I will take that interview and edit it so that it sounds really smooth. We’ll take out all the “oohs” “ahhs” and burps and mistakes and times when you’re trying to remember what to say. We’ll take all that out and make it really smooth, and clear and clean. That’s the great benefit of editing. It’s going to be more articulate than you’ve ever been in your life.

So when you’re doing the interview, choose your background carefully. It can be at your place of business, or your office, or you could do a studio interview with a black background or a white background. There’s a lot of different choices. Choose something that makes you look the way you want to look.

One of the things you can say in the interview is your experience, of course, and what makes you unique. One question I like to ask is -”What do you love about your work?”

For instance, my answer would be: “One thing I love about video production is editing - taking lots of different parts and putting them together to tell a story.”

Cutaway Shots

So after you have the interview, the next thing to do is to get the cutaway shots. (Also called “action shots,” or “B-Roll”.) Basically, we need some shots for the video that isn’t just you talking in front of the camera, which can get a little boring, if that’s all it is. Those action shots are great because we get to see you doing what you do - which is nice for the viewer - but they’re also useful from an editing perspective. The cutaway shots make the interview smoother, so that when you’re speaking and we cut out an “um” or an “and” or a pause or whatever, we can put in another shot to cover that editing break.


So lastly, once you’ve got your interview and your cutaway shots, you can also do some testimonials. It’s great to have you saying how great you are, but usually it’s more exciting and more powerful to have somebody else to say how much they love working with you. It also breaks up the voice, so there’s some variation over the course of the video, and it’s not just one person talking all the time. For instance here’s a testimonial for me.

“Working with Tom was so easy. He worked really fast, and editing was painless. I’m getting a ton of positive feedback about it.” - Julie Meyer, landscape designer,

So now you’ve got your elements:

The Interview
Cutaway Shots

    Are you done? Well, almost. You can add graphics, titles and music to tie it all up in a nice bow, and then you’ll have a great video for your website.

    So that’s it. Thanks for reading. Find out more at